Month: April 2015

Say This to Your Personal Injury Lawyer

When you are involved in a personal injury case, your lawyer needs access to more of your personal information than you might think. Other than the details about your primary injury, here are a few other discussions you may need to have with your attorney (even if they don’t bring it up first). Read More

Dog Bites in California: Do I Need a Lawyer?

When a dog bite occurs in the state of California, both the victim and the dog’s owner may need to seek the counsel of a personal injury lawyer. Because California has separate dog bite laws from other states, it can be difficult for the parties involved to determine who is at fault. The lawyer, however, has an intimate understanding of dog bite laws in California, and can assess what type of legal action is appropriate given the circumstances.Beware of Dog Sign – Bites in California Read More

How to Decide if Bankruptcy is the Best Financial Solution

Petition for Bankruptcy – Legal Forms
Filing for bankruptcy? Get assistance from a bankruptcy lawyer.

Declaring bankruptcy is a major decision for any individual. While it does have an impact on your financial path, it is also an opportunity to start fresh. If you are considering bankruptcy as a means of resolving financial issues, then it can be helpful to get all of the information you can, before making the decision to file for bankruptcy. You should also contact a bankruptcy lawyer as soon as possible, as there are time limits and penalties that will impact your case. Read More