Month: September 2015

Are hospitals liable for medical malpractice claims against independent contractors?

When physicians who staff hospitals are independent contractors and are not employees of the hospitals where they serve, it can be challenging to determine responsibility for medical malpractice charges brought against them. Is the hospital responsible for addressing these charges, or is the independent contractor? The short answer is: it

California Wildfires: How to Hire the Right Personal Injury Attorney

Here in Southern California, we are about to transition from one fire season to the next, from summer to Santa Ana. In terms of California wildfires, the Santa Ana season is one of the most dangerous – and economically challenging – periods for property owners along the Pacific coast. With

California’s Fair Pay Act: What It Means for Employers and Employees

You may have been hearing about a new employment law in California called the Fair Pay Act, which is awaiting Governor Brown’s signature but expected to go into effect shortly. The Fair Pay Act is a bold move forward for men and women workers in California, as it ensures an

Are Employee Handbooks Required under California Laws?

Employment laws in California offer certain provisions to employers, including a number of rights and protections specific to businesses within the state. As part of these employment laws, an employer is not required to have an employee handbook; however, there are certain policies that must be included should the employer