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Traffic Tickets: California Amnesty Program Now in Effect

If you have unpaid traffic and non-traffic infraction tickets, then you may be able to qualify for California’s new Amnesty Program. The Amnesty Program, which began in October 2015, helps some people reduce their traffic ticket fines or remove marks from their driving records. To qualify for the program, you

What is the California Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 2016?

Do you know California has a new law requiring police agencies to have a warrant to search your digital records? It’s called the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, and it means your personal emails, texts, photos and physical location can only be accessed by law enforcement once they obtain a warrant.

Immigrants: Do Your Research on Immigration Lawyers

Why Blindly Hiring an Immigration Attorney is No Longer Enough The recent complications with a San Diego immigration attorney are sending an important message to U.S. immigrants: research your lawyers before hiring them. While immigration attorneys are governed under the State Bar of California, they may not have claims filed