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Workers Comp Laws – Family Death Benefits

Workers Compensation: Can Family Receive Benefits in Case of Death?

If a member of your family died from a work-related injury or illness, then you may be wondering if you can collect benefits on their behalf. According to worker compensation laws in California, workers compensation benefits may be made to family members who were totally or partially financially dependent on

Can I get workers’ compensation as an independent contractor?

If you are an independent contractor and are injured while performing your job, you may be wondering if you are entitled to workers’ compensation under your employer. The short answer is no, and here is why. Worker Compensation Laws in California Employers in California are not legally required to purchase

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover My Medical Bills?

Some people think workers’ compensation only covers lost wages. The truth is worker compensation laws make other allowances for individuals who have been injured at work. One of these allowances is the cost of medical care, including but not limited to: Treatment by a doctor X-rays Blood tests Hospital services

Community Resources Spotlight: Division of Workers’ Compensation

Although lawyer referral is one of our main services, we also frequently refer clients to other legal resources that are available to them in the San Diego community.   Division of Workers’ Compensation For individuals who have experienced work-related injuries – either on the employee or employer side – there