Civil Litigation: What is a Settlement Conference?

Settling a Civil Case – Conference Room

In civil litigation, there can be too many cases for the courts to handle in a timely manner. Therefore, civil attorneys and their clients can attempt to settle the case outside of court. One of the ways they can do this is through a settlement conference.

What are settlement conferences?

The settlement conference is an opportunity for both sides and their lawyers to try and solve the case before going to court.

During the conference, a judge or volunteer civil attorney helps the parties evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the civil case, and attempts to negotiate a settlement of the case without making decisions or orders.

While not all civil litigation cases are resolved through settlement conferences, some of the benefits of these proceedings are:

  •      Faster attention to the civil lawsuit
  •      Less costly than taking the case to court
  •      May have a more favorable outcome
  •      Can be less stressful than formal court proceedings

To make the most of a settlement conference in civil litigation, both parties should consult with civil attorneys who understand how these conferences work. The attorney can help answer questions before the proceeding and use the settlement conference for the benefit of the client.

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