Do Medical Care Costs Increase if I Pursue a Malpractice Case?


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Medical malpractice is a serious charge that can tie up patients and doctors for years in litigation. It can be an expensive and grueling process that rarely results in the patients’ favor. And most cases never go to trial.

These are all truths about medical malpractice cases.

One statement that isn’t true, however, seems to be making its rounds within the general public, causing a grave misconception about malpractice lawsuits:

“If a patient pursues a malpractice case, then their medical care costs will increase.”

We want to confirm, this is not a true statement.

In fact, increasing the costs of care for a patient because they pursue a medical malpractice case is unlawful.

Patients who believe their medical care provider was negligent, did not properly address a medical condition, or caused them harm should speak with a malpractice lawyer. This often clears up any confusion and can provide helpful answers to many questions about malpractice situations.

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