New Medical Malpractice Ruling Could Benefit Military Veterans

Ruling for Med Mal – Extended DeadlineMilitary veterans who filed medical malpractice claims against the government but failed to meet the deadlines could see some relief under a breakthrough ruling made last month by the Supreme Court.

In April, the Supreme Court justices voted 5-4 in two separate cases that dealt with confusing or misleading filing processes. Specifically, the Court ruled, “the deadlines for filing such lawsuits can be extended if plaintiffs tried their best to comply or simply failed to learn about important information before a deadline.” (Source: U-T San Diego)

For military veterans who unwittingly missed the deadlines for filing medical malpractice or negligence lawsuits, this ruling could mean more leniencies by the courts when considering a medical malpractice case.

Questions about Medical Malpractice or Negligence Cases for Military

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