Small Claims Court: How a San Diego Lawyer Can Help

Are you involved in a small claims case in San Diego? You should know this about working with a lawyer.

Lawyer in Small Claims Court

Small claims cases are handled quite differently from traditional cases. In San Diego, one of the main differences is the lawyer involvement in your court appearance.

In San Diego’s Small Claims Court, a lawyer cannot represent you or your case. In fact, the lawyer is not allowed to be with you in the courtroom at all.

You can, however, seek the advice of an attorney before your courtroom appearance. The lawyer should be able to answer any questions you have about your case, explain all the possible outcomes, advise you on appropriate evidence, and prepare you for representing yourself in Small Claims Court.

While Small Claims Court is an informal setting, it still considers both sides of a dispute and hands down a judgment. Having a small claims attorney to work with on your case means you can anticipate what types of questions will be asked of you and be ready to answer appropriately. The attorney will ensure you know what is expected of you in court as well as what you can expect from the experience.

To work with a San Diego lawyer who specializes in small claims, please contact the Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) of San Diego County at (619) 231-8585.


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