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Employee or Independent Contractor: A Look at Current California Employment Law

Contract or Employee – California Workers Law

Employees and independent contractors have separate provisions and exemptions under California employment law, so it is important for both employers and workers to understand the differences between the two classifications. No one wants to be denied their rights or have to face legal action, because they chose or received the wrong employment status. Read More

How much maternity leave is allowable in California?

Length of Maternity Leave in California
In California, a few employment laws dictate the duration of maternity leave.

Whether you are already expecting a baby or you are in the process of starting a family, it’s important to understand how much maternity leave you are entitled to as an employee in the state of California. The good news is, California’s employment laws offer more leave to pregnant women than most other states in the U.S. Mothers who want or need to spend more time caring for and bonding with a newborn have that option. Read More