What Legal Steps to Take after a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Can Cause Injury - Personal Accident


Being involved in a motorcycle accident can be devastating. Whether you caused the accident or you are the victim, the results can affect you physically, emotionally, financially and – in some cases – legally.

For example, if you cause the accident, the victim or their family may decide to file a personal injury lawsuit against you. If you are the victim, then you or your family may consider taking legal action against the other person, group of people, or against a company.

If You Caused the Motorcycle Accident

You will have to talk about the motorcycle accident with several people. The police, witnesses, your insurance company, and doctors may all be a part of the investigation process. Do not leave the scene if you are the driver and hit someone, because you can face serious criminal charges.

You may also need a personal injury attorney to advise you of how to proceed. The injured party may also have an attorney, so you may want to have a professional to represent you. To find a personal injury lawyer in the San Diego area, you can get a referral from the Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS).

If You are the Victim of the Motorcycle Accident

As a motorcycle accident victim, you will likely need to recount the experience for the police, doctors, the insurance company, and other parties. Be sure to keep all records, in case you need them later in court. If the victim is unable to speak for himself or herself, then the family of the victim may choose to hire a personal injury attorney to help guide them.

Personal injury attorneys help accident victims navigate the complex legal process. The lawyer helps you understand your rights, decide what to do if you are unable to work, and develop a strategy to compensate you for your injuries.

Talk to a Lawyer about Your Accident

The LRIS can help you find a personal injury lawyer who will discuss your situation. Whether you caused the accident or are the victim, you have the right to legal representation and, in some cases, will be better off having it.

Get a referral by calling (619) 231-8585, chatting with us online, or completing a referral form.

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