Month: June 2015

Social Security Disability: When to Expect the First Payment

The Social Security Administration (SSA) offers a disability program for individuals who are unable to work for a year or more, due to a medical condition, and who also worked in jobs covered by Social Security. If a disability occurs, then the individual can apply for benefits to help cover

Community Resources Spotlight: Division of Workers’ Compensation

Although lawyer referral is one of our main services, we also frequently refer clients to other legal resources that are available to them in the San Diego community.   Division of Workers’ Compensation For individuals who have experienced work-related injuries – either on the employee or employer side – there

Mediation vs. Arbitration in Medical Malpractice

What are the differences between mediation and arbitration when it involves medical malpractice? Here is some general information. If you find yourself in the middle of a medical malpractice lawsuit, then you may be happy to know that there are alternatives to taking the case to court. In fact, most

New Medical Malpractice Ruling Could Benefit Military Veterans

Military veterans who filed medical malpractice claims against the government but failed to meet the deadlines could see some relief under a breakthrough ruling made last month by the Supreme Court. In April, the Supreme Court justices voted 5-4 in two separate cases that dealt with confusing or misleading filing

Renters: How to Address Habitability Issues with Your Landlord

Tenants Have Options Under California Landlord-Tenant Laws Whether you are renting an apartment, condo or single family home, you depend on the landlord or building manager to keep your property safe and operational. Less responsibility for property maintenance is, after all, one of the main benefits of renting a place

3 Steps to Selecting a Professional Fiduciary

When someone is no longer capable of managing their own health, wellbeing, or personal and financial affairs, sometimes a family member or close friend will be assigned the responsibilities through what is called a conservatorship. If there is no such person to call upon, however, then a professional fiduciary can