Month: August 2015

Immigrants: Do Your Research on Immigration Lawyers

Why Blindly Hiring an Immigration Attorney is No Longer Enough The recent complications with a San Diego immigration attorney are sending an important message to U.S. immigrants: research your lawyers before hiring them. While immigration attorneys are governed under the State Bar of California, they may not have claims filed

Back-to-School Refresher: School Zone Laws for Drivers

Avoid Personal Injury to Children with this Traffic Reminder   When school resumes on September 8 for the 2015-16 academic year, drivers need to remember that certain traffic laws exist near school zones. Failing to follow these rules of the road in California can result in hefty fines and suspension

Breaking and Entering: You Probably Need a Criminal Lawyer If…

Breaking and entering is a serious charge, possibly a misdemeanor, which can carry hefty fines and lengthy jail or probation sentences for those who are convicted. While “breaking and entering” is not a specific crime in California (evidence of forced entry, or breaking, is no longer required for related charges),

What to Do If You are Injured by a Defective Product

Each year, defective product accidents cause injuries or death to 34 million people, costing $12 billion annually (Santa Clara University). If you feel that a defective product has injured you, then you should consider speaking with a lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases. While many product liabilities occur each

What to Do When Your Earthquake Insurance Claim is Denied

In California, only about 10 percent of homeowners have earthquake insurance (1). But for those who end up filing a claim for earthquake damage, insurance can seem like a blessing. Unless your claim happens to be denied. There are many reasons why an insurer might choose to deny your earthquake