Month: February 2018

Bridging Cultural Gaps: How to Effectively Communicate With Clients From Different Cultures

By David Seto

Today the United States and California are more diverse than ever. According to the U.S. Census, the share of the people born outside of the U.S. living in California has risen from 15 percent in 1980 to 27 percent today. There are nearly 11 million people in California born outside of the country. Most of these people are from Latin America or Asia and many are unfamiliar with our Common Law and our adversarial system. New immigrants tend to be younger workers or new students. However, as the immigrants age they will become more familiar and utilize the legal system for more services, not just immigration. It is therefore important for everyone to have what is called “cultural competency.” Read More

Uber, Lyft, Ride Shares, Driverless Cars: Technological Changes Driving Legal Changes

By Ashley Rae Rawlins

It is completely amazing to look back to the days when I was a child to now and see how revolutionary our society has become due to technological developments and advances. When I was in middle school and high school, cell phones were not commonplace. Even by senior year, probably less than half of my classmates had them. Read More

Branching Off

By Gail King

Many lawyers looked to start their own firms out of necessity during the recession in the early 2000s. Today, some are now considering it out of opportunity. The current economy offers a better vantage point with things looking up for the profession, and overall, given heightened competition for skilled legal professionals and increasing starting salaries for law jobs by three percent, on average, in 2015 compared to 2014, according to Robert Half. Read More

Associates Do Not Get a Free Pass from Abiding by the Rules of Professional Conduct by Following a Partner’s Direction

By Andrew Servais

Back in 2013, Ethics in Brief reported on the decision in Jay v. Mahaffey (2013) 218 Cal. App. 4th 1522 where an associate, working under supervision of a senior attorney, failed in her attempt to dismiss a malicious prosecution action.  This publication noted an important statement from the Court of Appeal: Read More

The Importance of Outsourced General Counsel

By Robert Conca

One important decision in the lifecycle of a growing company is when to hire its first in-house counsel.  Frequently, this issue arises at a time in the evolution of an organization before there is a need for a full-time employee in this role or room in the corporate budget for a highly compensated general counsel.  Other factors may drive the decision of whether to hire an internal attorney including costs, how the function will integrate with the current management and whether there is enough work for a full time employee.  When to devote resources to this role is equally important as how to devote those resources. Read More