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Courthouse – Civil or Criminal Cases

Civil Lawsuits vs. Criminal Lawsuits: What’s the Difference?

  One of the most confusing parts about the legal system is understanding the difference between civil cases and criminal cases. Which circumstances qualify for civil lawsuits, and which are considered criminal lawsuits? What are some other differences you should know about? To help clarify the differences between civil and

Breaking and Entering: You Probably Need a Criminal Lawyer If…

Breaking and entering is a serious charge, possibly a misdemeanor, which can carry hefty fines and lengthy jail or probation sentences for those who are convicted. While “breaking and entering” is not a specific crime in California (evidence of forced entry, or breaking, is no longer required for related charges),

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month in San Diego

With the number of fatal accidents caused by distracted driving still in the hundreds, several agencies saw a need for more awareness around distracted driving and the potential for its devastating results. April 2015 marks the first ever Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and is organized and supported locally by the