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Motorcycle Can Cause Injury - Personal Accident

What Legal Steps to Take after a Motorcycle Accident

  Being involved in a motorcycle accident can be devastating. Whether you caused the accident or you are the victim, the results can affect you physically, emotionally, financially and – in some cases – legally. For example, if you cause the accident, the victim or their family may decide to

The Personal Injury Risks of Drones

According to the Consumer Technology Association, there were 400,000 drones sold during the 2015 holiday season. As of January 6, 2016, the drone registration program had received 181,000 registered drones.   This means more drones in the sky, and greater potential risks of personal injury. What are the personal injury

What are the Personal Injury Risks of Youth Football?

As the fourth most-popular youth sport in the U.S., football certainly has its place in American society. However, it doesn’t come without personal injury risks, especially when it comes to our youngest players. According to the Journal of Athletic Training, about 28 percent of youth football players were injured in

California Wildfires: How to Hire the Right Personal Injury Attorney

Here in Southern California, we are about to transition from one fire season to the next, from summer to Santa Ana. In terms of California wildfires, the Santa Ana season is one of the most dangerous – and economically challenging – periods for property owners along the Pacific coast. With

Back-to-School Refresher: School Zone Laws for Drivers

Avoid Personal Injury to Children with this Traffic Reminder   When school resumes on September 8 for the 2015-16 academic year, drivers need to remember that certain traffic laws exist near school zones. Failing to follow these rules of the road in California can result in hefty fines and suspension

What to Do If You are Injured by a Defective Product

Each year, defective product accidents cause injuries or death to 34 million people, costing $12 billion annually (Santa Clara University). If you feel that a defective product has injured you, then you should consider speaking with a lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases. While many product liabilities occur each