What is the Difference between Personal Property and Real Property?

Personal or Real Boat Property

In civil litigation, when the lawsuit involves some type of property dispute or damage, there may need to be a distinction between personal property and real property.

This is because personal and real property may be treated differently under civil laws, depending on whether or not the property is “movable.”

For example, any property that is considered movable is usually considered personal property. Things like money, jewelry, furniture, vehicles and other valuables are typically classified as personal pieces of property.

On the other hand, real property is not movable. Land, buildings and trees, for example, are considered real property.

However, we should be sure to note that property can transform from real to personal property, or vice versa. If you cut down your trees into logs, then they become personal property. But if you attach those logs to your house, then they become real property again.

When real and personal properties are involved in civil litigation, you may need to understand these differences to benefit your case. Of course, a civil litigation attorney should be consulted first in any type of civil lawsuit.

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