Month: October 2015

What are the Personal Injury Risks of Youth Football?

As the fourth most-popular youth sport in the U.S., football certainly has its place in American society. However, it doesn’t come without personal injury risks, especially when it comes to our youngest players. According to the Journal of Athletic Training, about 28 percent of youth football players were injured in

Interpreters Available Soon for Conservatorship Cases

Conservatorship cases are gaining access to something they have needed for a while: interpreters. This year, the California Judicial Council approved a Language Access Plan to extend free interpretation services to all civil and criminal cases by 2017. Previously, free interpreters were only available in criminal cases. Individuals involved in

How Can a Landlord Evict a Non-paying Tenant?

California Landlord-Tenant Law: The Eviction Process According to California landlord-tenant law, landlords have the right to evict a nonpaying tenant. However, renters also have rights under the law, and both parties should have an understanding of what is allowed and expected in an eviction. First, landlords are not allowed to

California Lemon Law: What to Do if You’re Sold a Lemon

How to Address Consumer Fraud When It Involves Your Vehicle When you have problems with your vehicle, it can be an extremely frustrating experience. Fortunately, the California lemon law protects consumers who discover a serious, unfixable flaw in a vehicle they have purchased or leased. To address this consumer fraud

How long do I have to file a claim for property damage in California?

First things first, determining exactly how much time you have to file a property damage claim can be very difficult. This is because even if you know what type of property damage claim you want to submit, there may be facts about your case that change the amount of time