Tips, Tricks and Traps

By Bill Kammer

The Equifax Hack

In September 2017, Equifax reported a data breach that may have disclosed personal information of 143 million persons. That information included birthdates, driver’s license numbers and home addresses — enough to facilitate identity theft when combined with the Social Security numbers also exposed. Class actions are already on file, and Equifax has offered credit monitoring. But the prudent thing may be to protect yourself by implementing security freezes with the four credit-reporting agencies. Those freezes would prevent other people’s attempts to obtain credit, housing and government benefits in your name. Numerous resources are on the internet to teach you how. Read More

Modes of Contract Review

By William Marshall

Transactional attorneys refer simply to “reviewing” a contract. However, I have identified different modes of review and found that thinking about them can be helpful in improving my review practices. The following are nine modes of review that I, to varying degrees, am adopting as I review an agreement. Some of them overlap and, of course, I very often perform multiple or even all of these modes in a single reading of an agreement. However if time permits, separate readings focused on one or two of these modes at a time can result in a better, more comprehensive assessment and markup of a document. Read More

Beware the Internet of Things!

By Bill Kammer

In earlier columns, we discussed the challenges attorneys face to become competent in electronic discovery and to keep pace with rapidly evolving electronic developments. We talked about the security of our devices and confidential lawyer and client information. We became somewhat comfortable with retrieving and reviewing electronically stored information (ESI) from computer memories. But next we had to face the challenges the universe of ESI on mobile devices such as phones and tablets present. Even a mobile phone with limited memory might contain data of 800,000 document pages. Read More

Child Between Parents – Who Has Custody?

3 Best Practices for Shared Custody of Children

Determining child custody is difficult. Whether you are going through a divorce and need to make arrangements, or you have been successfully co-parenting but need to make a change, this type of family law matter is challenging at best. If you are considering shared custody of children, however, we have a few best practices to make the experience less challenging and more productive for everyone. Read More